Encore  --  flowsheet simulator

** NOTE:  This project is on hold indefinitely **

 Flowsheet simulation ... powder and slurry processing ... easy to use

We have developed a prototype particle processing simulator called Encore that is quick and easy to use.  You can use various internal unit models, and create or modify your own models.  But we have suspended development on this project due to the development of the LVA project.





  • "Click and drag" creation of units and streams on flowsheets.
  • Incorporate a set of internal generic unit models such as mixers, crushers, mills, classifiers and other separators, etc.
  • Stream Builder module..
    • Define multiple types of solids and fluids in connecting streams.
    • Include other user-defined data in streams, such as temperature or pressure.
    • Specify how streams data should be displayed.
  • Model Builder module.. 
    • Interactively create new unit models, or modify existing models.
    • Create new unit models by cloning an existing model and changing its behaviour using a simple but powerful programming language. Create your own icons for each model, and specify how many input and output ports it has and where to locate them on the icons.
    • Test and calibrate individual unit models against experimental data during the model creation process.
    • Hierarchical model structure (like parent/child, or folder/sub-folder) lets you create classes of similar unit models that have common properties, but with specific variations.  You only need to program the variations, which keeps your models consistent and quick to develop.
  • Calibrate an entire flowsheet against experimental data with intelligent setup and regression procedures.
  • Use the calibrated flowsheet for "what-if" scenarios for changes in operating conditions.
  • Be able to "tinker" with your models and immediately see the effects of programming changes, either for individual model units or for the whole flowsheet. 
  • Display selected results on the flowsheet, or in tables, or graphically.
  • Please contact us to if you would like to be kept informed of developments.




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