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The VB code used to generate the above graph...

Public Sub Demo2(ecGraph3D1 As ecGraph3D)
  '3D bar graph, individual bar heights, legend table, custom tooltips & color scale.
  Const nX = 8, nY = 8
  Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, x As Single, y As Single, z As Single
  Dim zData(nX, nY) As Single, BarTooltips$(nX, nY) 'define a matrix to hold the z-values
  With ecGraph3D1
    Call .Reset 'always start with "Reset"
    Call .AddText("Demo 2. 3D bar graph, individual bar heights, legend table, custom tooltips & color scale.", 2, 2)
    'Create a custom z-color table to color bars according to their height..
    Call .ClearColorBands
    'Color bands must be allocated in order from lowest z-value to highest 
    Call .AddColorBand(-4, vbRed, vbRed, "-4") 'The 1st color band (red) goes from z=-infinity to z=-4
    Call .AddColorBand(0, vbRed, vbYellow, "0") 'The 2nd color band (red to yellow) goes from z=-4 to 0
    Call .AddColorBand(5, vbYellow, vbGreen, "4") 'The 3rd color band (yellow to green) goes from z=0 to 4
    'Add a legend table with two legend entries..
    Call .AddLegendEntry("Positive", ecLimeGreen)
    Call .AddLegendEntry("Negative", ecOrangeRed)
    'Reduce bar widths to 60% of full column width..
    .BarWidthX = 0.6: .BarWidthY = 0.6
    'Create an array of z-values to plot, and allocate a custom tooltip to each array element
    For i = 1 To nX
      x = i / 2
      For j = 1 To nY
        y = j / 2
        z = 2 * (Sin(x) + Sin(y) + Rnd - 0.5)
        zData(i, j) = z
        BarTooltips$(i, j) = "x=" + Format(x, "0.00") + ", y=" + Format(y, "0.00") + ", z=" + Format(z, "0.00")
      Next j
    Next i
    'Add the data array (do this only once for each graph)
    Call .AddDataArray(nX, 1, 4, nY, 1, 4, zData) 

    'add the custom tooltips array
    Call .AddTooltips(BarTooltips$) 

    'Text labels instead of values
    'Values$ holds a comma-separated list of values at which labels are to be placed, each value followed by text to print at that value in {braces}.
    Call.xAxisStyle(ecGray, "x-axis", "1{One},2{Two},3{Three},4{Four}", ecGray,ecGray) 
    Call.yAxisStyle(ecGray, "y-axis", "1{A},2{B},3{C},4{D}", ecGray,ecGray)

    Call .Refresh 'always end with "Refresh" 
  End With
End Sub

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