the easiest way to add Graphs & Charts to VB6 (Visual Basic 6.0)

  • Powerful multi-award-winning ActiveX (ocx) graphing control.
  • Drop it into your VB programs to create graphs in a huge range of styles.
  • Great for business, scientific or technical graphs, or general charting. 
  • Get a graph up and running with just a few lines of code
  • Manipulate the layout from your programs.
  • ecGraph has received the top award of many download sites (see below)


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  • "the best 2D plotting ActiveX I have seen" (Eric S, USA)
  • "Your control looks very impressive and is one of the few I've seen that has features an Engineer can use." (Mathew H, Aerospace Engineer, USA)
  • "the easiest chart component I've ever used ... wonderful tool" (Pete M, UK)
  • "works like a charm ... it is ABSOLUTELY brilliant" (Mj F, RSA)
  • "very powerful and simple to use" (Francisco Z, Chile)
  • "much easier to get to do what I want it to do than the one I have been using for about three years now (ComponentOne Chart8) and it is also (much) better as far as the related learning curve is concerned ... my gratitude exceeds the obvious extent noted already." (David A, Canada)
  • "This really is an excellent product" (Tim R, Business IT Analyst, Australia)



  • Easily create scientific, engineering or general graphs within your VB applications
  • Multiple graphs per page
  • Click and drag to move or resize graphs on the page
  • Zoom and scroll areas of the graphs
  • Install/Uninstall and list on Start|All Programs
  • Toggle a cross-hair that moves with the mouse: vertical/horizontal/both
  • Multiple x- and y-axes per graph
  • Log or linear scales on axes
  • Plot data points as symbols, bars, or alphanumeric characters
  • Join data points with a straight lines or cubic spline
  •  Area Plots
  •  Attach optional labels to each data point
  • User-defined formatting of axes, including dates and/or times
  • Add text anywhere on the graph, formatted with font, size, bold, italic etc
  • Plot continuous math functions from formulae, like y = sin(x)*exp(-x/10)
  • Plot data points against math functions, with optional error bars
  • Plot time series graphs that update as new data is added
  • Configurable grid lines, tick marks, borders, backgrounds
  • Legend tables, reverse axes, show/hide labels, transparent backgrounds
  •  MouseClick and MouseMove Events that return actual graph values
  • Copy image to clipboard, Save to bmp, Print to default printer
  • Demo projects supplied to show how all the features work
    • Project1 - simple viewer to load and display the demo graphs and the VB code used to generate them
    • Project 2 - comprehensive graph editing program, loads the demo graphs and lets you edit and manipulate them on screen
  • Hundreds of other features, see Complete Help File



  • Left-click to drag graphs, change graph border width, and move legend tables 
  • Left-click to zoom into a portion of the graph plot
  • Right-click to zoom back out again; Shift-right-click to partially zoom out
  • Alt-left-click to toggle cross-hair; Alt-right click to toggle cross-hair style
  • Shift-left-click to zoom in on cursor position
  • Shift-right-click to zoom out a little



  • Click, MouseMove and KeyPress events return (x,y) coordinates for the currently selected graph and axes
  • Other Event triggers include GraphPositionChanged, GraphScaleChanged, LegendPositionChanged, NewGraphInFront.



See the Downloads page for detailed instructions on converting your ecGraph demo version to a registered version without the demo message.


ecGraph.ocx, ActiveX control for MS Visual Basic 6.0    

ecGraph has been awarded 5 stars by many download sites, here are a few...






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