ecGraph3D  -  Demo4

The VB code used to generate the above graph...

Public Sub Demo4(ecGraph3D1 As ecGraph3D)
  'Some colors by z-color table, some random colors.
  Const Rows = 8, Cols = 8
  Dim BarTooltips$(Rows, Cols), zColors(Rows, Cols) As Long, i As Integer, j As Integer
  With ecGraph3D1
    Call .Reset 'always start with "Reset"
    Call .AddText("Demo 4. Some colors by z-color table, some random colors.", 2, 2)
    'Here is a quick way to set a simple color band with just two colors..
    Call .SimpleColorBand(-3, 4, ecPink, ecMaroon)
    'add a math function: z = f(x,y) with x and y range and resolution..
    Call .AddFunction("2*(sin(x)+sin(y))", Rows, -4, 4, Cols, -4, 4, -4)
    For i = 1 To Rows
      For j = 1 To Cols
        'We have chosen "999" here as the value to force the use of z-colors according to z-value.
        '(You can choose any number). Any array element given zColors(i,j)=999 will use the z-color
        'table defined above with ".SimpleColorBand", otherwise it will use the specific value of
        'zColors(i,j) as the color for that bar element.
        If i > 6 Then
          zColors(i, j) = 999 'rows 7 & 8 use the z-color table defined by ".SimpleColorBand"
          BarTooltips$(i, j) = "" 'no tooltip for these elements
        Else 'other rows are given a random color to use for each bar
          zColors(i, j) = Rnd * vbWhite
          BarTooltips$(i, j) = "Color =" + Str(zColors(i, j)) 'custom tooltips
        End If
      Next j
    Next i
    .BarWidthX = 0.6: .BarWidthY = 0.6
    Call .AddTooltips(BarTooltips$)
    Call .AddBarColors(zColors, 999)
    Call .Refresh 'always end with "Refresh"
  End With
End Sub

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