ClearColorBands     Procedure (Sub)

Public Sub ClearColorBands()

Clear the zColor table (the zColor table displays colors as a function of the z coordinate). Call ClearColorBands to override the default zColor table and set new color bands.

See Also..

SetzColorTableStyle   AddColorBand  


With EcGraph3D1
    Call .ClearColorBands
    Call .AddColorBand(-1, vbBlue, vbBlue, "-1.0") 'Surface points lower than z = -1 are colored blue
    Call .AddColorBand(0, vbBlue, vbRed, "0.") 'Surface points between z = -1 to 0 are colored blue to red
    Call .AddColorBand(1, vbRed, vbGreen, "1.0") 'Surface points between z = 0 to 1 are colored red to green
    'Surface points with z > 1 to 0 are colored green
End With

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