EcGraph Demo1.   "No frills" simple x-y graph.

The VB code used to generate the above graph...

Public Sub Demo1(EcGraph1 As EcGraph)
  '"No frills" simple x-y graph
  Dim i, X As Double, Y As Double
  With EcGraph1
    Call .Reset 'Always call "Reset" first to clear the page
    'Start a new graph on the page..
    Call .NewGraph("No-frills simple x-y graph")
    'Start a new data set on the graph, and add random points..
    Call .NewDataSet("Data 1")
    For i = 1 To 9
      X = 2 * i
      Y = Sqr(i) - Rnd(i) / 3
      Call .AddDataPoint(X, Y)
    Next i
    'Second data set for this graph
    Call .NewDataSet("Data 2")
    For i = 2 To 18
      X = i: Y = Log(i) / 2 - Rnd / 4
      Call .AddDataPoint(X, Y)
    Next i
    Call .Refresh 'Always end with "Refresh"
  End With
End Sub