ecGraph is normally supplied as an executable file named ecGraph-Setup.exe, or a zip file named There may be minor variations on these names, such as inclusion of version numbers.  The installation files include demos in Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6).  The demos will be accessible from the Windows "Start|All Programs" menu.

Note that ecGraph is normally supplied as a demo version, which is fully functional but prints a small "Demo" message on each graph. You can convert this to a registered version by obtaining a registration key and using it with the RegisterecGraph command for each ecGraph instance in your application. Visit to obtain a registration key. Each developer who uses ecGraph to write programs must purchase a separate registration key.  There are no run-time or royalty licenses required for distributing your compiled programs (end-users who use the compiled programs do not need a registration key).

General installation files

File name Description
BuyNow.html Web file to help you purchase the control. Or... Buy Now
ecGraph.chm The ecGraph help file
ecGraph.oca Control Typelib Cache (installed in system folder, eg. C:\Windows\system32)
ecGraph.ocx The ecGraph ActiveX file (installed and registered in system folder)
ecGraph-regsvr32.bat Batch file to manually register the control with Windows registry, if required
License.txt ecGraph user license text file
pad_file.xml XML Pad File with information for distributors
ReadMe.txt Read this text file first
unins000.dat Data file for uninstalling ecGraph
unins000.exe Program file to uninstall ecGraph

VB6 installation files

File name Description
Form1.frm Visual Basic form file
Form1.frx Visual Basic form binary file
GraphDemos.bas Visual Basic module for the graph demos.
ecColorConstants.bas Visual Basic module for the color constants.
Project1-TestecGraph.vbp Visual Basic project #1 for testing ecGraph. Simple project to view graphs.
Project1-TestecGraph.vbw Visual Basic project workspace
Project2-EditGraphs.vbp Visual Basic project #2 for testing ecGraph. More complex project to view and manipulate graphs.
Project2-EditGraphs.vbw Visual Basic project workspace

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